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孤胆义侠之异形浩劫|湖州艺术与设计Face at and freeze obviously don't believe in the eyes, the country some sad, leisurely sighed: "The most ruthless emperors, sometimes, the right of this thing, is very tempting, can make father and son turned against each other, brothers and sisters.""What shall we do then?" Homer frowned."Little Hande, now in the office of sergeant." Cried the young man, his voice falling, and a burst of laughter came immediately behind him.

"Yes." Giffin gave a wry smile, turned and dismounted, toward the provost lu bu said: "xin see master."Two bloody head was hung on the tower, always refused to leave the horse iron in the head was hung on the wall of the moment, only feel head a dizziness, mouth spit out a mouthful of blood, the whole person down."Korea hence born prudent, and the war is important, there is no room for any mistakes, let the children and lang alert a little later." Burn when the old king shook his head and commanded his men.孤胆义侠之异形浩劫|"If he is willing to defect, is Yuan Pi willing to take up an official position?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at cioffi.

孤胆义侠之异形浩劫|Is zhang liao and seibel after joining forces, See horse slope world war I play hard, and get lyu3 bu4 news, two people speculate to Korea hence I'm afraid to be mad, in order to avoid the fall of the pound camp, two people after a sum, decided to keep camp by seibel led two thousand military forces, and zhang liao with eight thousand main north, starry night, rushed to help horse slope.Hot feeling came from the cheek, zhang both touched a hand, wet, into the eyes scarlet, if the arrow cluster half a minute, at the moment zhang is afraid is already a corpse, immediately became pale, subconsciously back two steps, will just stir up a little morale drain clean."No retreat!" Seibel cold su's face, without an expression, For a long time, looked around with desperate eyes, seibel look slightly slow, sink a track: "we reached the limit, west cool army also to the edge of collapse, if we retreat at this time, will let originally in the edge of collapse of the west cool army regeneration, you rest assured, master there, want to have news, perhaps, is this a day or two."

"Master, why do we have to bend over backwards and forwards with these hounds?" Watching Liu Meng leave, Cheng Yin couldn't help but anger way.Lyu3 bu4 satisfaction, however, is the sable cicada as early as in the north and south, has been pregnant with his flesh and blood, this is lyu3 bu4 in the true sense of the first child, that will be the joy of the father, even more fierce than when defeating the west cool army."Is lyu3 bu4 general seibel."孤胆义侠之异形浩劫|




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