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强爱 未婚妻有染|鞋花Although guan yu hands at the moment without weapons, but this hand will be around jiangdong soldiers scared to death, saw the Lord, after a frightened cry, swarms of scattered in all directions.Zhuge Liang was about to shake his head, Suddenly a little dazed, Turning his head to Zhang Fei, Suddenly smiled, For a long time, the kanto army on lyu3 bu4 forces, the biggest problem is lyu3 bu4 army as long as there is room for maneuver, will never want to close combat with the enemy, and guanzhong crossbow arrow power is very strong in both range and penetration, ordinary wood shield simply can't stop, and thicker shield to make no sense, seriously hinder the march speed.When Zhuge Liang learned of the fighting outside Dianjiang, and after Yan Yan was wounded, Finally there is no way to continue to stay in Jiangzhou to deal with all the details of government affairs, Wei Yen explained to him with practical actions what it meant to be speedy, Chengdu was taken by Pang Tong until now, But also for the rest of the month, wei vanguard army unexpectedly has arrived at the pad river, has no time for him to continue to digest the county, opponent is pang tong, method is plus wei yan, zhuge liang can't continue to sit in the rear, waiting for the news of the front line, must sit in front of the front line, as for jiangzhou, although not too assured, but also can only be handed over to others to deal with.

Although the glued soldiers make zhang fei uncomfortable, but compared to before by wei yan elite with a little more pressure to play, now their side forces still occupy a disadvantage, both sides can fight a misery, zhang fei heart is more balanced, no matter what, the most afraid is comparison, so is the real normal battle.Listen to tardif behind the cry, guan yu surface sink like water, with the soldiers continue to rush, but in the heart is silent malicious, wait for him to raise the wound, must kill this fellow personally.In the early morning of the seventh day, ChengTou soldiers suddenly came to inform Li Yan, pound is the whole army, seems to be ready to siege.强爱 未婚妻有染|"Go back and rest, and tell the generals to withdraw tonight, and make no mistake." Nothing to explain, zhuge liang waved, motioning for the people to retreat.

强爱 未婚妻有染|More terrible is that the other side of the fighters no matter reaction speed or fierce, to jingzhou soldiers too much better, often three or five jingzhou soldiers can spell out each other, so play down, the final loss of iron is their own.People smell speech chorus should be ordered, the day began to dig tunnels, lyu3 bu4's army, but there is a clear division of labor, each army will have an engineering battalion, responsible for the establishment of camps, make fortifications, although can also fight, but less than the last resort, engineering battalion is rarely directly confronted with the enemy.Zhuge Liang was a master of the war, after listening to Zhang Fei 's story, you can guess for the most part, I'm afraid this array is a simplified one based on the Eight Diagrams, Of course, simplicity doesn't mean it's useless, After all, the more complicated the formation training and coordination is, the more difficult it is, and once there is a mistake or omission in a certain place, it is likely that the formation will not work. On the contrary, the formation after constant simplification is not difficult. Soldiers are easy to learn, and many training schools can exert more power than the fine formation.

"What are you laughing at?" Zhang fei puzzled look to zhuge liang way."Wild man!" Wei yan said, disdain sneer at 1, although some regret not a wave of arrows rain will zhang fei to shoot to death, but see each other's soldiers rushed up so straightforward, also can't help but despise, this is no different from death.Without too much hesitation, his horses have begun to meet zhang fei, in the hands of the sword dragged on the ground, a sharp momentum came into being.强爱 未婚妻有染|




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