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长濑真子|娇点养巢丰胸Lie in bed zhang he finally put down his mind, slept in the past, such as repeatedly, the city garrison even with the night garrison also no longer take this matter seriously, the time of the night, so in the intermittent drums and gongs.Consciousness accompanied by Ma Tie constantly stirred in the hands of the wolf-tooth gun, quickly fade, endless darkness swept in, Liang Xing lost his vitality of the corpse from the horse slipped down.Hetao, linrong, when lyu3 bu4 learned that Addis had left the news is ten days later.

The sable cicada, his son is full year old, and Liu Yun, Yang Xi, two Joe, wenji, this moment, lyu3 bu4 suddenly want to return to them."What's going on?" A few xiongnu leaders left the tribe rushed out of the camp, frowning pulled the fleeing xiongnu soldiers.Not don't see this land, but lyu3 bu4 don't want to go back, he is afraid to bring the war to his hometown, he is afraid of shameless to face his father, that feeling is very complex, even if lyu3 bu4 has integrated the memory of his predecessor, but that feeling, is difficult to reproduce.长濑真子|"Almost." Giffin throttled the time, thinking: "xianbei king court civil disorder, five xianbei through the first world war, with master's courage, five xianbei defeat is not far away, we are also time to send troops."

长濑真子|This is only three days, beat step to root, so that wang ting once into fear of the five tribal alliances, so lost, not only Ke sin, to jin stop sudden death, but also brought back so many soldiers, this is almost since he ascended to the throne, the biggest victory.From the information gathered by the parties, This man commanded the tribe, break quite fair, each time plunder property, will be equally distributed to subordinates, so in the army is quite prestigious and cohesive, and Kirby can tribe close to the frontier, Kirby can also rely on favorable conditions, actively learn Han knowledge, in the xianbei department, Kirby can is the only one dare to use a large number of Han leaders.An enemy soldiers took advantage of the gap climbed up the wall, zhang he clearly felt, the soldier's eyes have no intention of war, some just a despair and madness, almost to their own up, suddenly fell in the dense forest of guns.

"Click ~""The subordinates don't understand this, but they feel that since they entered the Central Plains, they have been humiliated everywhere." Zhou Cang grumbled discontentedly.长濑真子|




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