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建党伟业迅雷下载|最新款山寨手机Ke sin said, without thinking to the ground a flutter, a cluster of arrows to break the air, horses in the miserable hiss, thick neck is directly shot through by the cluster of arrows, cold cluster of arrows inverted in Ke sin less than three feet away from Ke sin, frightened Ke sin all over the cold.An arrow rain fell, large slaves like mowing grass was ChengTou down the arrow cluster took away life.Everyone smell speech, can't help but draw a breath of cool, if that's the case, eighty thousand troops I'm afraid will not fight since the rout.

"All right, send a team to occupy Mayi first!" Giffin sink a track.Pang Tong understood, zhaoyun also understood, with a slight sigh, but his eyes became firm, turned on his horse, and smiled at Addis: "So, madam, we should go."Xin comment smell speech, can only sigh in the heart, ready to come down after remedial, said xu togeher with several home will, packed out of lombardi camp, looked at the boundless, but suddenly gave birth to a sense of homelessness.建党伟业迅雷下载|Hmm ~

建党伟业迅雷下载|"Where is the patriarch?" Several xiongnu leaders smell speech big change, panic way.Looked at lyu3 bu4 closer and closer, Zhang Gu finally panic, madly waving his sword, to prevent lyu3 bu4 near, at the same time snapped: "kill, kill him for me!""Where have Xu Sheng and Chen Xing's troops gone?" Wei yan twisted his head, looking at his lieutenant wei, with himself is of the same family, one hand martial arts also get hand, more shot a good arrow, wei yan value.

Pang tong left his mouth, despise the dark scold 1, but the heart for zhaoyun this personality is more respectful of a few points, such a person, just a real gentleman?"The Silver Fox tribe has also appeared!" Another exclamation, step root hurriedly come out, twist a head around, but see two directions, almost at the same time a wolf smoke, TaBaJi powder crazy, attack two tribes at the same time, how many military forces he has?建党伟业迅雷下载|




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